How many estimates do I really need?

Coordinating estimates is a project in it of itself.  On average, one to three estimates should suffice.  You want to make sure you choose a contractor you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Do I really need to permit my project?

Absolutely, if they are required for the scope of the work. Permitting makes sure that your project is being built to National Building codes. Inspections of the work performed insure that the project is being built for your safety. Some projects do not require permits and educating our clients on that is part of our responsibility.

In 2011, we did a basement renovation for a family because their home was under-contract and they were buying a new home. However, this family had already renovated their basement 2 years prior but the contractor on the job (NOT US!) failed to pull permits and they were unable to claim the finished space. Wake Remodeling came in and did the work to meet current building codes and this family was able to complete the sale of their home and move on.

Do we need to leave our home during the remodeling job?

Not necessarily! Actually, our clients stay at home during the project. We try our best not to disturb the homes normal activities.

Do you have Insurance?

Absolutely! We have Worker’s Compensation & General Liability Insurance. We would be glad to give you the Declaration Page so you know things are covered!

Do we have to get involved with pulling permits or will you provide them?

Wake Remodeling will obtain the relevant permits as part of our service. Our representative will apply for, obtain, and facilitate all permits and personally deal with the different departments.

Do I need to find separate electrical, plumbing, mechanical contractors on my own?

No. Wake Remodeling provides a full service for all your project needs.